BookCon 2017 Vlog

I attended BookCon for the first time this year and made a short vlog about it. I’m still struggling with the awkwardness of talking to my camera in public spaces but I’m hoping to eventually get over that.

While rewatching this video I noticed some parts weren’t very clear. Here are a few notes to help with that:

I got to see the ‘Romantic and New Adult Fiction’ panel featuring: Kami Garcia, Christina Lauren, Colleen Hoover and moderated by Erin Gross. I tried REALLY hard to get a picture with Colleen Hoover afterwards but they whisked her away so freaking fast. I called out to her but she never even turned around. Her son Cale was standing next to me. “Where are they rushing you guys to?” I asked. I think I freaked him out. He looked like a deer in headlights. “I don’t know” he said. I couldn’t tell if that was a sincere answer or a fear stricken response. My BookCon app wasn’t loading properly at the time so I was unaware they were rushing her to the autographing area. I MISSED MY CHANCE TO MEET COLLEEN HOOVER GUYS. I MAY NEVER RECOVER.

Although the line was long, Denise and I did make it into the BookSplosion panel.

I won a ticket to see Wonder Woman Saturday night with Leigh Bardugo and a few other authors. The movie was fantastic. I was one of the women that cried through most of the fight scenes. As I was leaving the theater I noticed Adam Silvera (not pictured), Marie Lu, Lainey Taylor, and Nicola Yoon standing outside. They were kind enough to take a photo with me.

We started Sunday hopeful that we’d get the chance to meet Chelsea Clinton. However, we were told there were no more books available for her to sign. Shortly after the signing stacks of She Persisted and It’s Your World appeared. I took pictures of them in frustration.

After we realized we wouldn’t be meeting Chelsea we headed to the Bill Nye presentation and then later Kevin Hart’s.

I was able to snag a few ARC’s and books and will be sure to upload a BookCon book haul soon.

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